How to unlock abundance in your subconscious mind through a special drawing technique

In this article, you'll learn about a groundbreaking new method for directly engaging with your subconscious. Discover how this method can reprogram your brain, fostering abundance in your life and aiding you in achieving your goals, even if you've struggled in the past.

Hey, I'm Oksana Avdeeva, a certified psychologist, art therapist, hypnotherapist, and a Neurographics instructor. Over the past 4 years, our Mindful Line project has taught over 800,000 students worldwide, making it the largest Neurographics project in the world.

Honestly, my journey to this hasn't been easy. I grew up in a small town, in a poor family. My relationship with money has been complicated, and I desperately wanted to change that.

Deep inside, I believed that I deserved a better life. Have you ever had this feeling too?

I tried affirmations, visualization, and various practices, and put in a lot of effort at my work as a psychologist, but I didn't see significant results. I understood that it was about mindset, but I couldn't grasp why, even while working on it, my life wasn't changing. Perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation now.

Starting in 2019 vs Receiving the Expert of the Year Award 2023

There was a moment when I didn't have enough money even to pay for my son's textbooks at school. It seemed hopeless.

Who can claim that we didn't exert enough effort or were lazy? The truth is, most people who genuinely strive to achieve something work tirelessly. However, they still struggle to make it happen.

Let's picture this: You've always dreamed of owning a house. You've imagined furnishing it your way, hosting cozy gatherings, baking family favorites in a brand-new kitchen.

You could even add it to our vision board and repeat daily affirmations like "I own a house." Time is passing, but nothing is happening.

The real problem is that there are millions of circuits in your brain that already exist and might be in conflict with the new one you’re trying to form.

Maybe, there's a part of you thinking, 'I'll never save enough' or 'I lack the knowledge/experience/education.'

There's a fear of debt or a belief that 'taking a loan means failing.'

Or you're concerned about high prices in the best locations and worried about the overwhelming process of buying and managing a new house.

And despite your hard work, saving for that dream home seems impossible. Your brain is like stepping on the gas and brakes simultaneously. Can you really move forward like that?

Your subconscious protects you from new opportunities and resources that might be right in front of you.

That's why most of our desires don't come true.

So I was searching for a method to alter the neural connections in my brain. When I tried Neurographics and combined it with my experience in hypnotherapy and psychology, something amazing started happening.

Neurographics is a creative method which allows us to reprogram these beliefs directly in the subconscious by creating rapid new neural connections.

I remember my first neurographics drawing.

I sketched out the resources and was connecting them when suddenly my hand drew a sharp line. And I’ve got the insight that it represented $20,000.

I thought it was impossible. Where do I get it from?

But then something unexpected happened.

I was contacted by a Frenchman who had previously worked with my partners. Despite their warnings that he is being difficult to work with, and my concerns about customs and lost packages, I eventually agreed to do business with him.

Surprisingly, in just two months, I made exactly $20,000 in that project.

It's incredible how things can happen out of the blue!

Then I tried to draw one more time… and it worked again.

I used Neurographics to attract new clients, expand my business, foster inspiration, boost confidence, and eliminate stress.

Over the last 4 years, I've achieved milestones like purchasing several new apartments and cars. I’ve traveled more than I did in my entire previous life. I reached a completely new financial level for me.

Seeing my results, my friends started asking me to teach them this method.

I was amazed at how effective Neurographics is, and I really wanted to share my knowledge and experiences with the world. And the best part is that to reprogram your brain with Neurographics, you don't need drawing skills. Firstly, I started to give private offline classes.

The number of my students increased, and that's how Mindful Line was born.

In just three years, we've begun the largest Neurographics project worldwide, with students from over 90 countries.

Neurographics is not magic, it's science.

It is based on the latest discoveries in:

  • Neuroplasticity (by Dr. Michael Merzenich and other neuroscientists),
  • Mirror neurons research (by neurophysiologist Giacomo Rizzolatti),
  • Psycho-cybernetics by Dr. Maltz Maxwell and other researchers on psychology,
  • and other researchers in psychology, neurophysiology and sociology.

Through the activation of mirror neurons, Neurographics cultivates positive emotions, enhancing the repetition of the new program required for implementation. This accelerates the formation of new neural connections, outpacing other methods I know, and assists us in manifesting our goals.

Let me share with you a story about my student, Helen, and how her life flourished through Mindful Line practices.

Helen took a leap of faith and left her job to start her own small business. Despite having a great idea, she faced obstacles and struggled to achieve significant results.

That's when she began practicing neurographics with me.

In just 10 drawings:

  • her new business took off,
  • she started earning passive income from a previous venture,
  • and her husband received a massive salary raise.

That is Helen's drawing.

Good evening! Last night I drew the masterclass, and today I received an offer for a side job! It looks like anything is possible.

During the workshop, I received a spontaneous money transfer! It was like magic, manifesting right before my eyes. My work turned out to be quite emotional and bold, despite some initial anxiety and resistance. Oksana, thank you for your guidance and support!

The workshop is absolutely impressive, and guess what? I received my first order yesterday! It's working like a charm!




It took me 15 years to arrive at the life I dreamed of.
My students achieve it in months now.

After the latest course session, we conducted a study, asking our students how long they'd been dreaming about the goal they set during the course and how quickly they ultimately achieved it.

The results were astonishing.

People had been dreaming for 2, 5, 10 years, or even more about owning their own home, buying a car, achieving financial stability, starting a new business, or launching a new career.

With the help of the Neurographics, they reached these goals in just 1 to 6 months!

How long have you been waiting? 

You know you deserve more in your life, and the best time to start changing is now. Imagine yourself a year from now, having achieved the goals you've been dreaming of for years. That's why I suggest you take this journey with me.

Reprogram your subconscious for abundance with Neurographics

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